Xieda 9958 with a Nine Eagles Bravo SX body


I stumbled upon the Nine Eagles Bravo SX heli a while back while I was searching for possible fuselage kits for my xieda 9958. Rather than spending another $90 to just buy the Bravo SX I found the body kit for less than $10.

I wasn’t sure if the body would fit the xieda and I was certain it’d require a little modification. Here is my modified Nine Eagles Bravo SX fuselage which has been modded to fit my Xieda 9958.


I laid out the new Bravo SX body beside the Xieda 9958 to compare the size.

I then removed the Xieda landing gear, vertical tail fin, and canopy.


The Bravo SX body is considerably more fragile than the Xieda’s canopy. Which makes sense considering it’s roughly the same size of helicopter with has to haul around a larger piece of decorative plastic.

I started by lining up the Xieda tailboom inside of the new body’s tail because that was the area I’d be unable to adjust if I made a mistake in the forward part the body.

I measured from the forward part of the Xieda’s tail motor mounting piece to the main piece of plastic that hold the motor and the rest of the Xieda’s components.



I marked the inside of the Bravo SX fuselage and then measure to the rods or pins on the Xieda that hold its normal canopy on. There I made small holes in the Bravo SX fuselage to serve as mounting points to the Xieda.


The Bravo SX fuselage is flimsier than the Xieda 9958’s so you have to be gentle with it while cutting or making holes.

I then removed the outlined pieces in the following picture on both sides to make room for movement of the swashplate assembly and servo arms.


I also needed to remove the following piece from each side because of the pieces position to the Xieda’s main gear.


The following method is how I secured the Xieda landing gear to the Bravo SX fuselage. A small cut was made in each of the sides. It actually seems to have worked out rather well.


Here are a few photos of the finished product.


After flying it a couple times I noticed a little difference in the handling of the helicopter. The new Bravo fuselage is more difficult to install and removed yet comes apart relatively easy in the event of minor crashes.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, feel free to comment or email.

If you don’t have a Xieda 9958, what are you waiting for! For only about $30 on xheli.com you can have what I consider to be the best toy I’ve ever bought!

Inexpensive, durable, cheap to fix (when it does happen to break), it does the same thing a professional rc heli does except 3d, it has plenty of power and manueverability for indoor and outdoor flying; I could go on and on about this thing. I’d buy 10 of these before paying full price for 450 size heli. That’s my rant.

For the price, what it does, durability and cost to fix (or just replace) you can’t beat it.


Here are the links for the body kit, and Xieda 9958.

Nine Eagles Bravo SX fuselage:


Xieda 9958: (depending on color)





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